Application Guide

Identifying and Monitoring Worst Performing Circuits

By properly identifying and tracking their Worst Performing Circuits (WPC), utilities are able to improve their overall reliability metrics and avoid heavy penalties.

Download this Application Guide and learn how LightHouse helped a large North American utility operator improve their circuit performance and more efficiently manage their O&M budgets by:

worst-performing-circuits_App.guide_Tollgrade LightHouse

  1. Providing trends of monthly performance event type

  2. Allowing utilities to compare the LightHouse Event Reporting of circuits against the WPC list that is generated

  3. Enabling utilities to proactively develop and implement a recovery plan prior to the circuit being added to the WPC report (for example, targeted tree trimming).

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"…getting data from the grid through sensors makes business sense. We are now of the mind set to monitor everything,”

Vince Dow
Vice President, Distribution Operations, DTE Energy