Predictive Grid Whitepaper

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The distribution network is the unsung hero of the electric grid. It is the largest part of this complex network stretching well over 12 million miles in the U.S and Europe combined; like going to the moon 26 times and back. Due to its size, this portion of the grid has remained largely unmonitored. In this paper, you will learn how to gain situational awareness to

  • Bring renewables and low carbon technologies onto the grid
  • Proactively detect and prevent outages
  • Troubleshoot asset health 

Without real-time intelligence, it becomes nearly impossible to bring the electric grid into the 21st century. What if you could predict your next outage?

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“ With real-time data we can better predict traffic or the weather, but with real-time data from the grid, could we better predict outages? ” 

 -- Edward H. Kennedy, CEO Tollgrade Communications